• What is the cost?
    Camp Baldwin offers optional types of lodging and seasonal rates. Please contact our camp office for current rates for each type of lodging.

  • How many can your camp accommodate?
    During the summer, we can host up to 440. The rest of the year we can host a maximum of 380.

  • How much does it cost for each activity?
    Our overnight rates include several seasonal activities.  We also have a few added few activities available at an additional cost.

  • How close are the beaches from the camp?
    We are within a 15 mile radius of the Orange Beach and Gulf Shores beaches.

  • What do I need to bring?
    Dorm guests should bring pillows and linens for sleeping as well as towels and other personal hygiene items. Also, guests should provide their own soap and paper towels for the bathrooms.

    All linens are provided for motel guests

  • I have a child who wants to come to camp. When does your camp start?
    Camp Baldwin is a facility that provides lodging and activities for churches, associations, or church-sponsored groups. We do not accept individual registration.

  • What ages do you allow to come to camp?
    The age of the guests is at the discretion of each group and their leaders.

  • Can groups come for a single-day activity?
    Yes. Contact the office for rates.

  • What is included in the rate?
    The dorm nightly rate includes: one night of lodging, 3 meals, a conference room, and seasonal recreation.
    The motel rate includes: one night of lodging, a conference room, and seasonal recreation.

  • Do you have wireless internet?
    Adult leaders are welcome to use our wireless internet connection. You may request the Security key in the office

  • Do I need an appointment if I want to see the camp?
    We encourage tours. We would like the opportunity to meet you and show you our facilities. An appointment is not required, however, it is helpful to know when you are planning to come so we can set aside time especially for you.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Do you allow families to use your facilities for reunions, weddings, etc?
    No. At this time, Camp Baldwin is only available to churches, associations, or church-sponsored groups.

  • Can you fish at the camp? Do you need a fishing license?
    Yes, catch-and-release fishing is allowed in our fresh water lake (designated areas) as well as in Wolf Bay from the pier. A salt water license is necessary when fishing in the bay.

  • How much is it to rent your RV sites?
    Our RV sites are not for rent. This area is provided for our volunteers.

  • Do you have an area for tent camping?
    We do not have an area for tent camping at this time.

  • Can we cook our own meals?
    No. We have a full time Food Services staff ready to serve you.

  • How much money do I need to bring?
    Extra money would be needed for purchases in the Camp Store.

  • How much is the deposit? When is it due?
    The non-refundable deposit is based on the type of lodging that your group requests.

    -For dorm lodging: the deposit is based on 20% of the retreat cost times the minimum number of guests.
      For example:
      Deposit= Retreat cost x Number of guests x 20%

    - For Motel lodging: $20.00 times number of units requested times number of nights reserving.

      For Example:
      Deposit= $20 x No. units x No. nights

    After the contract is issued, the signed contract and deposit is due 14 days after issuance. A second deposit is required for summer retreats.

  • Do we have to schedule our activities?
    Some of our activities require camp supervision or lifeguards. These events must be scheduled with the office prior to your retreat date. You will receive a request form with your contract packet for requesting any activities and equipment. This form is due one month before your retreat date so we can coordinate access to activities with other groups on campus at the same time of your event.